Eco Friendly Technology

The environmental and financial cost of incandescent lighting leads many companies to replace it with other lighting, even incandescent exit signs with ones that use less energy, a move that reduces annual electric cost while reducing carbon pollution. Yet, there aren’t just one or two eco friendly exit signs on the market. In fact, at least four types of exit signs are commonly promoted as replacements for incandescent ones in the name of cost savings and lower carbon pollution: compact fluorescent, LED, Tritium, and photoluminescent. So, which one is really the best for the environment and your annual utility bill? Let’s compare them and find out.

Compact Fluorescent

Compact fluorescent models are an improvement over incandescent ones, consuming 21 Watts for a 10-year electrical cost of $184, compared to 40 Watts and $350 for incandescent. Like incandescent signs, compact fluorescent ones require maintenance on lamps, batteries, and wiring.