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Many households are considering of converting their home energy to be solar powered for the purpose of cutting down their electricity bills while saving our planet with this environmental friendly power source. But, not many are taking their action to make the real conversion to a solar-powered home because they are still doubt on the advantages of solar power that they can really get after the conversion while they do worry about the potential problems that may encountered after they make the conversion. Let briefly go through the advantages versus the disadvantages of solar power, so that you are cleared before you make your decision on whether to use solar-powered energy at home.
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Recent developments in solar and algae biofuel lead me to believe that the sunny San Joaquin Valley could indeed become a leader in the emerging clean energy industry.

My co-worker Sandy Nax has called the Valley a Petri dish for alternative energy development because it has so many of the necessary attributes: available land, scorching sun and/or clear days a majority of the year, wind in the mountains and scads of agricultural resources for biofuel or biogas.

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Green energy from machine with ocean waves

Posted March 8, 2016 By fondaco

British scientists are developing the next seabed to the Atlantic coast of the Orkney Islands (UK), the installation of a new large machine called Oyster, designed to harness energy from ocean waves and converting it into “green” electricity . In autumn 2009, the first tests will be done to test whether this technology can be a commercial source of renewable energy, and if you can use in coastal areas around the world.

Unlike many other mechanisms of harnessing the energy of waves, Oyster uses hydraulic technology to transfer wave power to shore, where it is transformed into electricity. According Ronan Doherty, technical director of the team that developed the prototype of Oyster, a key aspect of its design is an oscillator of 18 meters wide, which uses tanks waves and based on research conducted at Queen’s University of Belfast under the direction of Trevor Whittaker.

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Advantage and Disadvantage of Non-Renewable Energy

Posted September 11, 2015 By fondaco

Human beings need energy and several that to run the planet.
Every single because the commercial wave, we now have needed a lot more vitality each year to hold the production facilities, cars, air conditioning units, along with home kitchen appliances jogging. Because big nations such as The far east carry on and expand commercial generation in document prices, the worldwide requirement for energy has not been greater.

Usually, professional international locations get relied on non-renewable fuels just like essential oil, coal and also gas main in order to power our establishments. Classic fuels are generally among this kind of vitality resources.
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