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Recent developments in solar and algae biofuel lead me to believe that the sunny San Joaquin Valley could indeed become a leader in the emerging clean energy industry.

My co-worker Sandy Nax has called the Valley a Petri dish for alternative energy development because it has so many of the necessary attributes: available land, scorching sun and/or clear days a majority of the year, wind in the mountains and scads of agricultural resources for biofuel or biogas.

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Algae retains nosing all around clean up energy media.

It won’t hold the warm cache regarding solar power or exotic characteristics of breeze, tidal as well as geothermal power. Nevertheless the rapidity of plankton fuel’s noted improvements take time and effort not to consider. At the very least with this former press reporter.

During my yard with the University involving Florida, Merced, researchers acquired a new allow to be able to “perform a thorough life cycle evaluation research regarding plankton biofuels.Inches The bucks, any modest $142,747, is part of about $3.Five thousand issued by the actual Florida Power Commission’s public Attention Vitality Investigation plan.

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Algae biofuel Might Be the Answer

Posted April 21, 2015 By fondaco

Algae biofuel is all the rage, and this may sound counterintuitive, but algae grows extremely fast under the right conditions and can be turned into biofuel without too much problem. Amazingly enough, the US military is looking into this just in case we have a war and all of our oil and fuel supplies are shut off. For instance a war with Iran or in the Middle East where most of the oil comes from would cause a huge supply problem, and our military would not be able to fly its planes, sail it ships, or its drive vehicles.
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