Algae biofuel Might Be the Answer

Algae biofuel is all the rage, and this may sound counterintuitive, but algae grows extremely fast under the right conditions and can be turned into biofuel without too much problem. Amazingly enough, the US military is looking into this just in case we have a war and all of our oil and fuel supplies are shut off. For instance a war with Iran or in the Middle East where most of the oil comes from would cause a huge supply problem, and our military would not be able to fly its planes, sail it ships, or its drive vehicles.

The United States has many diesel powered submarines, and contrary to popular belief most of them are not nuclear submarines although we have a good number of those as well. Without the diesel fuel these submarines cannot operate, and they provide much protection for our nation. Is there a way for our submarines to use Algae Fuel? You know there is algae growing in the ocean on its own, and sometimes this algae becomes toxic and creates havoc for human civilization.

Perhaps our submarines could come up under an algae bloom in the ocean, collect it, process it, and then use it for fuel. Now you might seem to think that that is a lot of work for very little fuel, and that it would be quite a production. But remember, the submarines don’t carry that much fuel and they don’t need that much. It actually is feasible.

By harvesting an algae bloom we could be killing two birds with one stone. We receive free fuel for our military submarines, and we prevent future algae blooms from becoming toxic, turning into red tides, killing aquatic life, and washing up on the shore destroying tourism in beach communities. Some people believe that “unless algae biofuel is perfected further, it really isn’t a good output of energy for all the energy used to get the fuel.”

Whereas, this might be considered conventional wisdom, it’s not the case any longer. There are many methods, and new enzymes being discovered, that increase the productivity, lower the cost, and make Algae Fuel more than viable. Thus, we should use this new technology and scientific research to increase production just in case we really need fuel, at a time when oil supply lines are cut short. It is my contention that we need further research into systematic processing of algae for fuel, and see how we can streamline the production. Please consider all this.